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Business center office space in Dubai

Most people find Dubai an excellent place for business. Some people may argue differently considering its reputation as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, thinking about it keenly, doesn’t this fact make the city a perfect and top business hub center globally?

Many people who set up their businesses in Dubai end up staying because of the government’s services rendered and flexible regulations. For instance, Dubai is open to expatriates and businesspeople who want to grow as long they get the relevant visas to travel to UAE.

Being able to capture the attention of many for these and other reasons, building a successful business is not that difficult with the right strategy and planning. As they always say, where you locate your business makes a difference, which should be a consideration when looking for office space in Dubai.

Once you have decided to set up your business in Dubai, please go through the incorporation procedures and follow them to the latter. As for the location of your business, use the information below to locate perfect office space in the global business hub.

Business Center for Rent in Dubai

One of the things out will realize when you rent an office space in Dubai is that there are different centers in Dubai, all hosting businesses. To ensure you have the best of the best, ensure you lookup for a list of business centers in Dubai or business center UAE to see which areas are more affluent and which ones will draw in more traffic. In doing so, you can figure out what works best for your business and how you get there.

Many people make one mistake when they go to Dubai: assuming that all the office spaces available are suitable and will bring in business. The kind of business you attract will depend on the areas you choose to settle. If you go to an affluent area, chances are you will get better business.

On the other hand, if you must get the first office space for rent in Dubai, chances are you will keep paying rent for a space you do not need. However, you must consider the cost of renting in affluent areas. For instance, office space in Dubai Marina, Deira, Palm Jumeirah, or Trade Center Area might be quite expensive for your new business.

On average, a serviced office in Dubai costs between AED1,500 – 6,500 per month, but in these affluent areas, the minimum price for an office is about AED3,000 per month. This is for a 200 sq. ft. office. Make this consideration to avoid closing too soon or go for a shared office because they are many in most business centers.

Business Bay Dubai

The business bay is the area in Dubai under construction and plans to host thousands of properties used by businesses set up in Dubai. Even though there are buildings that have already gone up in the area, there are still more that will be constructed to show you just how much potential the area will have.

Business Bay will be extended into Dubai Creek, serving as its extension. To get to the area, there will be the metro line from Burj Khalifa. With that, you can get a monthly office rental in Dubai in a place that is bound to keep growing as days go by. Best Serviced Offices in Dubai

If you want to make the most out of your office in Dubai, consider getting a furnished office space for rent in business bay Dubai. These areas have the best office spaces, and you do not have to worry about receiving mediocre services. The best offices in Dubai are mostly furnished, and here are the perks they come with:

Flexible rental plans

Although some offices might need you to sign a yearly lease, the best-serviced offices come with a flexible plan. You can choose to sign a monthly lease, or you can choose to sign a yearly one. Whatever you feel like doing at the time, these offices will have an allowance for that.

Rent an office depending on the amount of money you have or the money you project to earn in the future. You can pay as low as AED 4000 yearly at the Dubai international insurance or as high as AED 280,000 yearly at I-Rise Tower.

Minimized delays

When it comes to traditional office moving, you need to get the office furniture, set up Wi-Fi, and figure out all manner of things. You do not have to worry about that when getting a serviced office in Dubai. Most offices will come with everything, and all you need to do is decide when you will be moving in. You can walk in business spaces such as Burj Khalifa, and indeed you can confirm that serviced offices come fully furnished for easy move.

Top-notch amenities

Nothing beats having all the necessary amenities in an office space. This is what you get in most serviced offices in Dubai. Every office gets a pantry, a reception area, utilities like water, electricity, and Wi-Fi. They are convenient, and if you rent out such a space, you can be sure your clients will come back because the environment resonates with their needs and comfort.

Prestigious address

One of the things you get when you rent a serviced office is a reliable address. Most serviced office spaces are found in Dubai CBD. The business bay in Dubai is found here as well. With that comes the perks of having high-end clients who bring with them good business for you. You do not have to worry that clients will take too long to find you.

List of Business Centers in Dubai

Since there are so many business centers in the market, it will help to list them down. It becomes easy to narrow down your search and get an office that works for you and your needs. Here are some of the business centers in Dubai where you can set up your business.

While the list might not be exhaustive, it gives you a rough idea of just how many places you can get office space in the global business hub, Dubai. Before deciding on one, list your business goals and needs to ensure the office space matches them all — or at least 70 percent of them.

Office Space In Sharjah

Sharjah is also a famous city in UAE, coming in third after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for office space in Sharjah, you are bound to find so many options. Most people who do business in Dubai tend to look for expansion in other cities in UAE, including Sharjah and vice versa. While you have learned the benefits of the serviced offices, you get in Dubai and other cities in UAE, get to know the considerations to make when choosing one also.

The size

The most vital thing you need to look at is the size of the office. Most office spaces in UAE are built to a standard of 200 sq. feet, but you can change that if it is not working for you. You can get a bigger office or a smaller one based on your needs — luckily, they are all available.

The rent

Another important thing you need to look at is how much you will be paying as rent and how long a lease lasts. Dubai has the highest rent rates as compared to other emirates in UAE. The good thing is that with the increased construction of both commercial and residential properties, the demand is not as high as it was 10 or 20 years ago. You only need time to search for affordable offices because they are indeed available.

The amenities

When it comes to office spaces, you need to ensure that you and your staff are comfortable. Find out if the office has a break room, a pantry, and enough office space for your team. Some offices come with showers which might be ideal considering that gulf countries can be extremely hot during summer.

A prayer room is also a consideration, being a Muslim-dominated city. Luckily, you might not need to worry about such amenities because most office spaces in UAE come with top-notch conveniences as a standard requirement.

Serviced or unserviced

Depending on your budget, time, and convenience requirement, decide whether you want that fully furnished office or an empty space for your business. Each option comes with its merits and demerits. The good thing is that Dubai has both personalities covered for you to choose from.

Wrapping It Up

Starting a business in Dubai is a brilliant idea, given the fact it hosts people from different backgrounds and countries. Most businesses would do great, and numerous have the right people, ideal location, and strategy. Deciding on office space in Dubai may sound overwhelming, especially with the multiple options available.

However, thorough research will get you there, and this information here can act as your starting place. Ensure you do not rush in before you pay for any office. That way, you can be sure you got value for your money.

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