March 8, 2023
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Business Consulting Companies in UAE

Dubai is a leading business hub in the world, going with its steadfast economy. It is not a surprise that multinational companies such as HSBC, Google, and Microsoft are represented in the city. Many MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) investors in Dubai have also chosen to start businesses here, including venture capitalists.

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Apart from being a worldwide leader in innovation, it also serves as a great place for job seekers who desire to start or establish their careers. Numerous career opportunities are available for every qualified graduate.

The thriving city is focused on tackling world challenges using technology and science. While there are authorities to regulate business formation and operations, they are pretty welcoming to aspiring investors. However, before you indulge in any business in Dubai, here are a few things you need to know.

Business Consulting Companies in UAE

For a city with multiple companies like Dubai, business consulting is a massive venture. The importance of business consultants in a company cannot be overstated. They help companies streamline their operations and meet their goals by offering professional advice.

In Dubai, there are thousands of business consultants offering advice in different fields. Consulting businesses extend a vast area of services, from developing corporate ideas to ensuring that operational processes are in place.

Partnering with a consulting firm as an entrepreneur or customer seeking advice can help you stay focused on the right path. You can choose a consulting firm offering services that you need for your business or those that resonate with your area of expertise when looking for a partner.

Below is a list of the finest consulting businesses in Dubai to aid you in your hunt for a partner.

Affinity Consultancy

This is a popular consulting and risk advice organization operating in Dubai. The company is operated by a team of four thoroughly skilled individuals and was founded in 2017. This company avails ERP, management, and IT consulting assistance.

Hashtag Startup

This is a big consulting firm operating in Dubai. The company focuses on the business services market and avail accounting outsourcing, finance, and accounting services to small firms.

RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing/ RBS Tax Consultants

This is a reputable accounting firm located in Dubai. It specializes in business consultancy, finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO), and accounting.

Ethics Plus Public Accountants (open a new window)

This is another top UAE-based consulting firm. It has offices in Dubai and Sharjah. The company was established in 1995 and had been offering its high-quality services ever since. The firm focuses on small and midmarket customers in the education, consumer products, and healthcare industries. They avail business donating, market research, and financial accounting services.

Farahat & Co. (open a new window)

This is another good accounting firm with offices in different parts of the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. This firm was established in 1985 and has grown significantly over the years. It avails consulting services in the fields of business consultancy, finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO), HR services, and accounting.

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