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Starting a new business can be an exciting but daunting task, especially in a city like Dubai where regulations and procedures can be complex. That’s why many entrepreneurs turn to Business Setup Consultants in Dubai for expert guidance and support.

But what exactly are Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, and how can they help you launch a successful company in this vibrant city? Let’s dive in and explore.

First of all, Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are professional advisors who specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and businesses with every aspect of starting and growing a company. From initial ideation and feasibility studies to selecting the right legal structure, obtaining licenses and permits, and navigating local regulations, Business Setup Consultants in Dubai offer a range of services to ensure that your business is set up for success.

One of the main advantages of working with Business Setup Consultants in Dubai is their deep understanding of the local market and regulations. This knowledge allows them to provide targeted and customized advice that takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business in Dubai.

Moreover, many Business Setup Consultants in Dubai have extensive networks and connections with local government agencies, investors, and industry leaders. This enables them to offer valuable insights and introductions that can help launch and grow your company more efficiently and effectively.

So, what should you look for when choosing Business Setup Consultants in Dubai? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for consultants who have a proven track record of success and experience working with businesses in your industry or niche.
  • Professionalism and reputation: Check for credentials, certifications, and client testimonials to ensure that the consultants you choose are reputable and trustworthy.
  • Comprehensive services: Choose consultants who can offer end-to-end support throughout the business setup process, including legal, financial, and administrative services.
  • Competitive pricing: While quality should always be a top priority, it’s also important to choose consultants who offer affordable and transparent pricing.

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Finding a reputable business consultancy service isn’t easy. And so, we’ve compiled a list of business setup consultants in Dubai, who have assisted hundreds of clients, received excellent reviews, and offered hugely profitable service portfolios to get you started.

Kiltons Business Establishment Services

Kiltons is the preeminent business setup consulting firm in Dubai, providing services throughout the UAE. It ranks among the top businesses in the UAE for business setup consulting. Additionally, the company is acclaimed for being among the first to facilitate a straightforward credit card billing system for business establishments.

In addition to providing consulting services to companies set up in UAE, Kiltons offers various other impressive services, including corporate branding, financial reporting, and marketing.

Kiltons Business Establishment Services Logo

It specializes in the following business setup consultancy areas:

  • Domestic Company Formation
  • Offshore Company Establishment
  • Free Zone Company Establishment
  • Virtual Office
  • Professional Permit
  • Industrial Permit
  • Commercial License
  • UAE Government Sponsorship

Kiltons’ services and advisory aids are certified and adhere to local regulations and laws. The company’s impressive service portfolio includes the following noteworthy services:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Service Approvals
  • ISO Certification
  • Corporate Branding
  • Certificate Apostille
  • DED
  • Trademark Registration
  • Special Approvals
  • Auditing and Bookkeeping

Therefore, Kiltons is the top pick for all types of business ventures as a one-stop shop for business setup consultancy services.

Aurion Business Consultants

Aurion Business Consultants is another reputable Dubai business setup firm. The company’s skilled workers provide business setup consultant services throughout the UAE in Freezone, Mainland, and Offshore regions. Since its founding a decade ago, the company has assisted more than 4,500 companies from over 80 countries in launching their operations.

Aurion Business Consultants

The company provides a vast array of services, including business setup in Dubai and all other UAE Freezones, legal paperwork for business establishment, PRO Services for Bank Account Opening and Visa g, etc. The following are among the most outstanding services provided by Aurion Business Consultants:

  • UAE Freezone Company Registration
  • Company / LLC Registration
  • PRO Services
  • Visa Assistance
  • Freezone Company Liquidation
  • Dubai Company Closing
  • Storage
  • Trademark Registration
  • Registration
  • Corporate Branding
  • Certification in ISO / Consulting
  • Services for Management of Knowledge
  • Accounting
  • Bank Account Opening
  • VAT | Value-Added Tax

Riz & Mona Consultancy

Riz & Mona Consultancy is another reputable firm providing business setup services in UAE. You’ll get a free consultation to understand their services and bundles or programs once you consult them.

Riz & Mona Consultancy Logo

Then you can select from these plans based on your needs and finances. The organization has assisted over 1,600 clients in establishing their businesses in the past fifteen years. The service offering is impressive, diverse, and full of alternatives, with the following services standing out:

  • Incorporation in the Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore regions
  • Product Registration
  • Registration of Medical Devices and Products
  • Business Support Services consisting of:
  • Opening a New Account
  • Trademark Registration
  • Company Liquidation
  • Regional Sponsors
  • PRO Providers
  • Trade license
  • Visa Services
  • Unique Business Permits in Dubai
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • VAT Advisory Services in Dubai
  • Dubai Translation Services
  • Custom Code Enrollment
  • Apostille Services


RadiantBiz distinguishes out from the mass as one of Dubai’s top company setup consultants. It is globally acknowledged and recommended by successful business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. The company has a solid drive to give excellent service and satisfaction to our consumers.

It provides startups, small & mid organizations (SMEs), major corporations, and global companies with advice and complete plans and solutions so their businesses can expand successfully.

Their expert industry specialists will help you establish a specialty marketing strategy for the UAE.

You may rely on them to assist you in establishing your business in the UAE, meeting your financial requirements, and launching your dream project. They offer an extensive selection of services, such as the following:

  • Business Bank Account
  • Trade Finance
  • Commercial Financing
  • Finance for Real Estate & Construction
  • Mortgage and home equity
  • Debt Structuring
  • Financial Services
  • Company Establishment
  • Immigration Services & Visas
  • Value Added Services
  • Solutions for Electronic Commerce and Payment Gateway
  • Sponsorship Services in Your Area

Decisive Zone

They assist you in navigating the UAE’s business formation procedure. Individuals and businesses that seek to establish firms, branches, or divisions in Dubai can take advantage of the highly personalized and specialized services provided by Decisive Zone.

Working with them will ensure that you completely understand your options before determining how and where to establish your company’s presence in the country.

They offer guidance on the most suitable company structures and jurisdictions and support the technical, regulatory, and financial aspects of establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates. They provide an extensive array of services, which include:

  • Economics & Banking
  • Opening a New Account
  • Keeping ledgers and registering for VAT
  • License Renewal, Modification, Cancellation and Freezing
  • UK Citizenship
  • VIP physical examination and Emirates ID
  • Registering Customs
  • Product Registration
  • Dependent Visa
  • Remote Work Permit
  • Golden, Freelance, and Residence Visa

JUMEIRA Consultants

JUMEIRA Consultants

JUMEIRA Consultants provides consultancy services in UAE and GCC nations. In addition to general services, the organization also provides services for various Tax Certificates. Additional essential services offered by JUMEIRA Consultants include:

  • Business Liquidation
  • LLC Dubai
  • BVI Registered Agent
  • Opportunities for Investing in Dubai
  • Services for Liquidating a Business
  • Tax Residency Documentation
  • Company Liquidation
  • Trade License
  • Investing Opportunity


Shuraa is one of the best new business setup consultants in Dubai for individuals with a moderate budget. According to its website, the company can assist you in setting up a business for as little as AED 2,950.00. Depending on the services you desire and your budget, you can choose among the numerous packages provided by Shuraa in various regions of the UAE.

Shuraa Logo

Some of the company’s most notable services include:

  • Licenses for businesses, including Commercial, Industrial, Tourism, and Professional
  • PRO Providers
  • Bank Assisting with Business Operations
  • Management Consulting
  • Sponsorship and Protection of Investor Rights
  • VAT & Accounting Offices for Lease in Commercial Centers
  • Smart Desk


Establishing a new business in Dubai may be challenging, time-consuming, and frightening without professional support.

Here is where you need KWSME. Established in 2010, They are a team of company setup consultants in Dubai. To create a firm in Dubai, they offer comprehensive company formation services.

Their company formation experts streamline the process, allowing you to focus on your core business. They will assist you with forming a company in Dubai, Free Zones, or overseas. In addition, they offer PRO services, legal translation, visas, the opening of bank accounts, company liquidation, brand logo registration, and office space in the UAE.


At KWSME, they aim to meet all of our customers’ needs. Incorporate your company with their expertise, and you will succeed in the UAE. They provide an extensive selection of services, including:

  • VAT Advisory Services
  • Banking Consulting Services
  • Legal Counseling Services
  • Accounting Auditing Services
  • Investment investor possibilities for Business Establishment
  • Cosmetic Merchandise Compliance in Dubai
  • Bank Account Service Providers
  • Trade license Visa Services
  • Translation Services Legal
  • Local Trademark Registration
  • Sponsors in Dubai
  • Dubai Company Liquidation
  • License Cancellation


BSC offers business setup services in Dubai. It also gives free consultations to all businesspeople who require support or information. The company provides Budget, Platinum, and VIP Services, which include the following:

  • Referral to its list of business associates
  • License Processing
  • PO BOX Setup
  • Stamp for 250 Business Cards Graphics and Design
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Assistance in establishing a business bank account
  • Visa Processing for Employees with our PRO Domain Registration
  • A further set of business cards (250)
  • Website hosting, a customizable splash page, and unlimited email accounts
  • Letterhead, envelope (A4 + DL) design


This company offers budget-friendly services for all types of UAE business settings. From local sponsors to VAT services, office rental to asset management services, and tax-related services to professional services, CommitBiz provides a comprehensive spectrum of services.

Farahat & Co

Farahat & Co is another well-known company that provides business formation services in UAE. In addition to supplying business formation services in Metropolitan, Freezone, and Offshore locations, the company also includes HR outsourcing, Patent Services, and Payroll Outsourcing services.

It will also help you establish domestic and international branches, among other benefits. Farahat & Co has more than thirty years of expertise, has received over 120 awards, and has assisted more than thirty thousand clients with more than ten thousand startups and businesses.

Business Link UAE is the final entry on the top twelve business setup consultants list. The company provides comprehensive services in:

Formation of companies in Freezone, Mainland and Offshore regions

Solutions for businesses, such as VAT and Bookkeeping, Company liquidation, Registration of Products in Dubai, Professional Email for Business, Opening a new account, and Business Setup Packages.

Business Link UAE Logo

Additional services provided by the company include:

  • Legal Typesetting and Certification
  • Virtual Office Setup
  • Local UAE Sponsor
  • PRO Providers
  • Subsidiary Business Setup in Dubai
  • UAE Visa Services
  • Branch Office Configuration, etc.

In conclusion, starting a business in Dubai can be a complex and challenging undertaking, but working with Business Setup Consultants in Dubai can make all the difference. By providing expert guidance, customized advice, and connections to local resources, these consultants can help you launch and grow a successful business in this thriving city.

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