How to Start a Company in Hong Kong?

Most business people are fascinated by Hong Kong’s incredible features, such as competitive tax regimes and a great business environment. Consequently, they keep wondering how they could start a business in the country.

How to Start a Company in Hong Kong

The article attempts to answer questions concerning how to open a business in Hong Kong. Read below to know all the necessary steps and documents required.

How to Establish a Company in Hong Kong?

Establishing a business in Hong Kong is the best decision you will make. It is a great place to conduct business, and you can establish your company within a few days. Investors need to adhere to all the country’s rules and regulations to run a successful business.

Moreover, they need to stay away from legal problems by organizing their finances, setting up a corporate bank account, following Hong Kong’s insurance and pension requirements and filing returns annually.

How to Register a Limited Company in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, a private limited company is a company type with legal capacity and protects the founder’s personal assets. Most investors that wish to register private limited companies usually operate small and medium-sized ventures.

One attractive feature of this company is that the shareholders have limited liability, and the firm has a legal entity. Therefore, shareholders are only liable for the company’s debts relating to the company’s share capital.

Individuals that want to open limited liability companies should know that it should have a minimum of one company shareholder, a secretary and a director. The company should have a maximum of fifty shareholders, and there are no specific guidelines about their residency

Note that the company director can also hold shares in the same entity. Additionally, the shares are not publicly traded, and they can only be transferred according to the regulations articulated in the firm’s Articles of Association.

How to Open a Company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a leading financial hub and it is one of the countries in the Asia-pacific region with a competitive economy. Some reports like the Global Competitiveness Index show that Hong Kong is among the most economically developed countries. Foreign business people looking to set up ventures in Hong Kong can select the business structure they want.

There are several options, including limited liability companies. They can also use this structure to set up offshore firms in Hong Kong. Investors can seek company formation specialists to help them successfully open a business in the region.

How to Form a Company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is globally known as the premier trading center. Foreign entrepreneurs wish to form companies in Hong Kong due to its free trading policies and ease of access to Mainland China markets.

The main steps involved in starting a company in Hong Kong include selecting the company structure and name by carrying out a free search at the Registrar’s webpage, following the incorporation procedures and registering it within a month of operation in Hong Kong’s Office of Business Registration at the Department of Inland Revenue.

The company’s structure will depend on its branch office, representative office and private companies limited by shares. Entrepreneurs also need to remember that Hong Kong laws require companies to keep an updated beneficial ownership document in the Significant Controllers Register to ensure transparency.

Once the company has been registered, the law requires owners to display the firm’s Business Registration Certificate in their premises. When applying for a registration certificate, an individual will also apply for incorporation of the company, which will be ready for collection a few days after the company’s incorporation.

Can a Hong Kong Company Operate in China?

Hong Kong is closer to China, and their cultures, languages and social customs are similar, making Hong Kong perfect for foreign investment. Entrepreneurs looking to invest in China can set up a Hong Kong holding company and use the start-up as a parent to Chinese foreign investment.

Foreign investors with Hong Kong holding companies can tap into the Partnership Agreement between Hong Kong and Mainland China and take advantage of the Chinese market. However, a Hong Kong Company is not legal in China; therefore, it cannot employ workers in mainland China.

How to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong?

Are you looking to register an organization in Hong Kong? As an investor, you need to know detailed information about registering a company in Hong Kong, including crucial incorporation requirements and documents, the steps, timelines and post-incorporation processes. Fortunately, Hong Kong’s Companies Ordinance allows every local and foreign person over eighteen years to set up a firm in Hong Kong.

The most common business entity investors form in Hong Kong is a private limited company. Limited liability companies feature enduring structures, independent legal personality, solid public perceptions, and owners have limited liabilities. Moreover, it is easier to raise capital and transfer ownership in limited liability entities than other business structures like partnerships and sole proprietorships.

These companies are often referred to as offshore companies by foreign investors in Hong Kong. So, whether you are a foreigner or a local, you need to hire professional firms with vast knowledge in local legislation. In addition, they can advise on regulatory requirements of Hong Kong business incorporations.

How to Register a Company in Hong Kong?

Individuals need to register their companies with the Companies Registry if they wish to own a business in Hong Kong. Most investors choose to register limited liability companies because of the numerous benefits they offer. These companies protect personal assets from business risks. Moreover, they have a seamless process of raising funds and transferring ownership.

How to Set up a Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent choice for investors to set up their companies. In the past two decades, Hong Kong held the global record of having a free economy. What’s more, the country has minimum restrictions and bureaucracy, making it the ideal place to do business. The government statistics on June 2018 revealed that Hong Kong had a total of 1,407,743 registered companies.

Hong Kong has reputable and regulated international jurisdictions that favor the booming of businesses. Further, the Hong Kong government has pumped approximately HK$ 5 billion in the innovation and technology fund to ensure start-ups have capital flow. Compared to other cities across the world, starting a company in Hong Kong is easier. However, entrepreneurs should not underestimate the challenges they may face while establishing new ventures in Hong Kong, even with the mentioned benefits.

How to Set Up a Limited Company in Hong Kong

Foreign and local investors looking to register limited liability companies in Hong Kong should prepare and submit the following documents to the relevant bodies;

  • The Articles of Association
  • A completed incorporation forms
  • A Business Registration Office notice
  • Details about the shareholders and share capital
  • Official English translations if necessary

The business owner should select an appropriate company name that will not violate property rights. Then the investor should submit the company incorporation form to the Hong Kong’s Companies Registry.

The Registry may refuse your name if there is a similar name in the Company Names Index or if the Registrar considers the name may result in a criminal offence or believe the name is offensive or does not match public interest.

Note that some names that suggest the entity is connected with the government cannot be accepted or rejected immediately, but the authorities must approve them before use. In addition, the Registrar also gives special approval for names that contain words like tourists or trustees.

Hong Kong laws can also limit the use of certain names. For instance, Hong Kong banking law prohibits using words like bank if the company has not obtained permission from the Monetary Authority.

Depending on the business field the company will operate, they may need to apply for special licenses and permits. Business owners can obtain these documents from the Trade and Industry Department.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur will have to open a bank account for the company, and they can get the Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate in hard or soft copy. Lastly, when opening a limited liability company, the owner needs to consider factors like the set-up requirements, tax compliance requirements and guidelines on closure of the entity.

Summary – How to Start a Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a simplified start-up process and requirements encouraging applicants to register companies. Investors can also begin operating their businesses sooner since the authorities prepare their documents quickly and avail them to investors.

Starting a company requires choosing a suitable firm type, selecting an ideal name, developing the entity’s structure, and sending an application form to the Companies Registrar in Hong Kong. The Registrar may require licenses for specific business sectors, which the entrepreneurs should obtain.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s top business centers for all sizes of start-ups because of its simplicity of company formation, desirable tax regime and excellent financial market. With the right business plan and a proper mindset, anyone can successfully set up a business in Hong Kong. Being a free-market, you will not regret your decision to invest in the region.

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