August 11, 2023

A Guide to the Occupation Permit for Foreign Entrepreneurs

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As a foreign entrepreneur with an existing business in Mauritius, you can acquire a 10-year Occupation Permit. This permit simplifies your business journey, allowing you to focus on managing your venture rather than starting one. Qualifying businesses must possess net assets worth a minimum of USD 50,000 and must have earned a three-year total turnover of MUR 12 million. The application fee is USD 1,000, and the permit can be renewed if your business maintains a yearly turnover of at least MUR 4 million starting from the third year.

The ideal sectors for your business include agro-industry, aquaculture, healthcare, ICT-BPO, FinTech, life sciences, biotech, manufacturing, ocean economy, and renewable energy. The application process begins online on a specific e-licensing platform, following an initial registration for security purposes.

Mauritian businesses must submit yearly returns to both the Mauritius Revenue Authority and the Corporate and Business Registration Department. However, with an IRS/RES/PDS permit, you won’t need an Occupation or Work permit. Foreign individuals also have the right to buy residential properties under schemes such as IRS, RES, PDS, SCS, or in a multi-story apartment building.

Family permits for spouses, parents, and non-working, unmarried children can also be obtained, encouraging family togetherness. Upon the expiry of your Occupation Permit, it can be renewed if your business meets the MUR 4 million annual income requirement from the third year onwards. After residing for at least three years, you can apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit, provided certain financial thresholds are reached.

Remember, although there is no application fee, approved applicants must pay the official permit fees to the Mauritius government. Also, for both new applications and renewals, specific original documents are required for verification post initial online approval.

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