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For many, the allure of natural beauty and a balanced lifestyle is an experience that only comes once in a blue moon during an elusive vacation. But what if we told you that this utopian lifestyle could be yours for a year, even more, if you wish? Welcome to Mauritius, the home of the Premium Travel Visa.

What’s the Premium Travel Visa?

The Premium Travel Visa is a golden ticket to a paradisiac lifestyle in Mauritius. If you’re a non-citizen with a yearning to immerse yourself in the tropical beauty, live a tranquil life as a retiree, or maintain your professional pursuits remotely with your family by your side, the Premium Travel Visa is your gateway.

How to Qualify for the Premium Travel Visa?

Prove Your Long Stay Plans

To unlock this unique lifestyle opportunity, applicants must provide tangible evidence of their long stay plans. This includes travel and health insurance for the initial period of stay.

Mind the Mauritius Labour Market

Remember, while living the Mauritian dream, you’re not allowed to enter the Mauritian labour market. Your business and income should originate outside Mauritius.

Present Supporting Documents

Applicants need to present documentary evidence such as their visit’s purpose, accommodation plans, among other basic immigration requirements.

Easy Steps to Secure Your Premium Visa

Fulfilling your dream of an extended stay in Mauritius is straightforward. The Premium Visa application is an online process, free of any processing fee. Once you’ve submitted your application and required documents, all that remains is to wait for your e-visa, which will be delivered via email.

Premium Visa: An Overview

The Premium Visa caters to those who wish to stay in Mauritius for over six months, up to a year, with an option to renew. For stays shorter than 180 days, a tourist visa suffices, granted upon arrival.


Who can apply for the Premium Visa?

Anyone who does not intend to enter the Mauritian labour market and has a primary business, source of income and profits outside Mauritius can apply for the Premium Visa.

How to apply for the Premium Visa?

You can apply for the Premium Visa through a straightforward online process. Click here: Apply for Premium Visa

Are there any charges for the Premium Visa?

The Premium Visa is issued free of charge. There’s no processing fee.

s Mauritius open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers?

Yes, Mauritius welcomes everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

Do I need to self-isolate on arrival?

No, unvaccinated travellers no longer need to self-isolate on arrival.

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