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The island nation welcomes professionals from fields like technology, healthcare, and finance. These professionals can invest in businesses under certain conditions and apply for Occupation Permits with a maximum validity of 10 years. The minimum monthly salary for these permits is MUR 30,000, effective from 01 August 2023. Professionals can also buy property and are eligible for a Permanent Residence Permit under specific criteria.

The island nation offers a favorable environment for professionals from various sectors, healthcare, tourism, finance, and many more. There are opportunities for expatriates to thrive.

Investment Opportunities for Professionals:

  • Professionals can invest in businesses but must not be employed in or derive a salary from them.
  • They can hold shares in a business where they work, but cannot be the majority shareholder.

Occupation Permit Key Points:

  • Basic monthly salary: MUR 30,000.
  • Validity: Up to 10 years based on employment contract length. Renewable.
  • Short-term permits available for up to 9 months, extendable for 3 months.
  • Professionals can apply online, with some roles needing additional licensing or clearance.
  • Once employed, it’s mandatory to file income with the local revenue authority.
  • Foreign nationals can purchase property within certain schemes.
  • A 20-year Permanent Residence Permit is available after 3 years of residency with certain conditions.

Required Documents for Approval:

  • Business and personal identification documents.
  • Contract of employment, job description, and academic qualifications.
  • Personal identification like birth certificate and passport.
  • Medical reports and other relevant documents.

Note: The minimum monthly salary of MUR 30,000 for the Occupation Permit as Professional will be effective from 01 August 2023.

What are some of the key sectors that the island nation targets for professionals?

The island targets technology, healthcare, tourism, finance, and other diverse sectors.

Can a professional with an occupation permit be employed in a business they invest in?

No, they cannot be employed in or derive a salary from businesses they invest in.

What's the validity of the Occupation Permit for professionals?

It has a maximum validity of 10 years, renewable based on the duration of the employment contract.

Are there any provisions for foreign nationals to purchase property?

Yes, they can buy residential property within specific schemes.

When will the new minimum monthly salary for the Occupation Permit become effective?

30000Rs; It will be effective from 01 August 2023.

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