Mauritius Business and Living Guide

Welcome to the “Mauritius Business and Living Guide.” Here, you’ll find key information and insights for anyone interested in Mauritius’s business landscape and lifestyle. This guide covers everything from starting a business, understanding local real estate, to adapting to life in Mauritius, making it an essential resource for entrepreneurs and expats alike.

Economic Overview and Business Environment

Business Opportunities and Market Insights

Explore the most promising sectors and investment opportunities in Mauritius.

Entrepreneurship and Success Stories

Get inspired by the success stories and experiences of local and expat entrepreneurs in Mauritius.

Living and Lifestyle in Mauritius

Gain insights into the daily life, safety, and cost of living in Mauritius, perfect for those planning to move or retire here.

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Navigate the real estate market in Mauritius, whether you’re buying property or interested in infrastructure developments.

Financing and Investment

Understand the landscape of investment and financing in Mauritius, from offshore banking to local investment opportunities.

Legal and Immigration

Essential information on Mauritius’ legal framework and immigration processes for those looking to move or invest here.

Official Websites Sources

Here are some key official business websites from Mauritius that provide resources and information for businesses, rephrased with a focus on cosine similarity:

  1. Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD)
    • CBRD Website facilitates business registration, annual return filings, and trade fee payments. It acts as the main portal for business management and registration in Mauritius​.
  2. Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA)
    • MRA Website offers comprehensive details on taxes, duties, and e-services for both businesses and individuals. It includes access to forms, legislative updates, and the latest news​​.
  3. Government of Mauritius Portal
    • serves as the central access point for government information, providing links to various ministries, departments, and state bodies. It offers a range of e-services relevant to businesses, such as permits, licenses, and investment information​​.
  4. Business Mauritius
    • Business Mauritius aids the business community by delivering resources, facilitating policy dialogue, and implementing initiatives for SMEs. It also provides details on procurement opportunities, government support mechanisms, and training programs​.

These websites are essential for anyone aiming to start, manage, or grow a business in Mauritius, offering extensive resources and support services.

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