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Mauritius is an excellent location for anyone looking to invest in a business. The country offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, from its favorable tax system to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean. Whether you are interested in starting a new business or buying an existing one, Mauritius has something to offer.

One of the key advantages of investing in Mauritius is the favorable tax system. The government has implemented various tax incentives to attract foreign investors, including a flat tax rate of 15% on all income earned in the country. Additionally, there are no capital gains taxes or withholding taxes on dividends, which can result in significant tax savings for investors.

Another benefit of investing in Mauritius is its strategic location. The country serves as a gateway to Africa and Asia, making it an ideal location for businesses that want to expand their reach. Additionally, Mauritius has a well-developed infrastructure, with modern airports, seaports, and telecommunications systems that facilitate trade and commerce.

There are many investment opportunities in Mauritius, ranging from tourism and hospitality to financial services and renewable energy. The tourism sector is particularly attractive, as the country has a thriving tourism industry that attracts millions of visitors each year. Additionally, the manufacturing sector is growing rapidly, with a focus on high-tech and innovative industries.

Why Select Mauritius?

Mauritius is the most popular location for establishing a corporate basis due to the following advantages: 

  • It has a free market system, allowing the non-restrictive transfer of dividends, capital, and earnings to any country.
  • It has a low (15%) corporate tax, no withholding tax, no dividend distribution tax, no capital gains tax, and unfettered repatriation of cash and earnings. 
  • Establishing a company in the country is simple and quick, and you can accomplish it within a week. 
  • The language of commerce in Mauritius is English, and its workforce comprises technically talented and bilingual professionals. 
  • The nation is politically, economically, and socially stable, and its atmosphere is conducive to investment. 
  • It is noted for its democratic administration and political stability. 
  • It is well-connected via road, water, and air. 
  • Because the literacy rate exceeds 80%, the workforce is well qualified. 
  • They have implemented policies to safeguard foreign investment.

Business for Sale in Mauritius

A simple business for sale in Mauritius search on Google reveals numerous opportunities in the food, hotel, manufacturing, real estate and leisure industries. For instance, the Business For Sale (BFS) website posted a 3-Star Frontline Beach Hotel with an asking price of $9,200,000. Other similar offers are quite common.

First Consider the different forms of business

Nevertheless, before venturing into such investments, it’s important to consider the different forms of business vehicles used in the country.

In Mauritius, you can always structure your business as a company, protected cell companies, societies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, trusts and foundations. This means that while the business for sale might be a different structure (for example, the frontline beach hotel could be a company), you can always change the legal structure to fit your unique needs. Below is an explanation of these business vehicles.

Sole Proprietorship

In Mauritius, a sole proprietorship is held by a single individual who is personally accountable for all parts of the firm and has unlimited accountability for its debts and responsibilities.

This is the most basic structure. And therefore, if you’re looking to buy a small business for sale, such as a printing shop, you’ll probably go with this one.

General Partnership

In Mauritius, a general partnership has two or more owners, referred to as partners. They share in the profits equally. In addition, the partners have unlimited responsibility, meaning they are responsible for the company’s debts and responsibilities.

Limited Partnership

A limited partnership is comparable to a general partnership, except that in limited partnerships, not all members are entirely accountable for the business’s debts; a limited partner’s liability is restricted to the amount of capital invested.

It is important to highlight that while a sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business, limited partnerships are quite prevalent; thus, regulators are more familiar with their structure. This implies that their formation is also quite straightforward.

Protected Cell Company

Protected cellular corporations are comprised of a core and many ring-fenced protected cells, producing statutorily distinct profiles of assets and liabilities. Even if the cells of a PCC do not have a distinct legal personality, the liabilities and assets of each cell must be kept distinct from those of the protected cell company (core) and each other cell. 

There is both cellular and core capital in cellular corporations, which is the investment capital in individual cells. Creditors of one cell have no recourse against the assets of other cells or the core.

Authorized Company

An authorized firm, formerly termed a Global Business License Type 2 Company or international company, is constitutionally exempt from taxation in Mauritius and is prohibited from conducting business with Mauritian residents or in Mauritian currency. 

This entity engages in operations other than those mentioned in its official schedule, such as lending, financial services, holding or administering a collective investment fund, or otherwise transacting with such a fund. 

Establishing a company requires at least one foreign shareholder and one foreign director. It is intended largely for commerce and investment. It is exempt from the restrictions of the Income Tax Act and considered non-resident for tax reasons.

Business Licensing Global

It is the most desired entity type for foreign investors due to its advantages. A Global Business License Company (GBC) or offshore corporation is a company that does global business from Mauritius using a currency other than the Mauritian rupee. 

Following the Financial Services Act of 2007, a resident corporation must apply for a Global Business License if the majority of its shares, voting rights, or legal/beneficial interest are held or controlled by non-Mauritius citizens and the corporation intends to conduct or conducts business primarily outside of Mauritius.

A GBC may operate in any business, including, among others, the non-banking financial sector, fund management, insurance, worldwide headquarters administration, and global treasury operations. In addition, a GBC can use the rapidly developing network of OECD-compliant Double Taxation Treaties that Mauritius has in place.

Business Opportunities for Sale in Mauritius

Mauritius has effectively converted into an economy focused on agricultural, export-oriented production, tourism, financial services, real estate development and property investment, ICT-BPO, Freeport and logistics, and fisheries. The government presents Mauritius as a commercial and investment hub between Asia and Africa. It intends to expand its export markets further, consolidating its position as a logistical and services center for Africa and bolstering the economy. 

Thus, the country is a development model, as it rates quite highly on a variety of worldwide measurements and benchmarks of progress. It ranks ninth out of 162 nations with the freest economy, per the Economic Freedom of the World 2019- (Fraser Institute), and thirteenth out of 190 countries with the most business-friendly environment, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report.

There is investment potential in the agricultural industry, entertainment business, education, finance and insurance, healthcare, technology, life sciences, logistics, production, ocean economy, property investment and hospitality, and sustainable energy sectors as the nation seeks to advance its economy.

And so, there are various types of available business opportunities in the country, including:


At present, sugarcane growing is not synonymous with agriculture in Mauritius. The nation had gone a long way since the days when sugar cane was the only crop grown. The increased high-end agricultural operations and product diversification have contributed to rising export earnings, which offers the agro-industry of Mauritius a fantastic opportunity for those with innovative ideas such as-

  • Technology-based agriculture
  • Bio-farming

Economics and FinTech

There are various available artificial intelligence and Blockchain-related businesses. Additionally, you can invest in the financial sector of Mauritius, including banks, insurance companies, and the stock exchange.

ICT Industry

ICT and BPO operations have expanded in Mauritius due to the development of the country’s broadband infrastructure, the introduction of underwater cables in the Indian Ocean, a 98.7% increase in internet penetration, and a 145% increase in mobile penetration. Thus, you can acquire companies that provide IT services.


Its regulatory framework has been harmonized with OECD, EU, and WTO criteria to transform Mauritius Freeport into a globally recognized logistics hub. Opportunities to acquire a logistics-related company include the following:

  • Warehousing
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Shipbuilding and ship upkeep
  • Maritime and airport-based pursuits
  • Quality inspection and control

Hotel Industry

As previously mentioned, there are several businesses for sale in the hotel industry. It is worth noting that Mauritius, as a preferred destination for local tourists, has attracted investments in the hotel industry over the years. Thus, there are plenty of business opportunities, from small eateries to large three- to five-star hotels.

Manufacturing Business for Sale

Once reliant on the textile industry, the country’s manufacturing sector has since diversified. To transition Mauritius into an elevated economy, the government has placed so much emphasis on developing this sector.

With developing technology and automated processing, the nation is heading toward intelligent manufacturing to develop products with high added value. There are numerous business prospects for you in this industry, including the following:

  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals – Since Mauritius is a world-renowned tourist destination and tourists visit this lovely country for medical tourism, producing high-end medical gadgets is a lucrative potential. Thus, you could always buy an already flourishing medical-based business.
  • High-end jewelry and diamond processing – Tourists typically purchase souvenirs to bring back to their own country and give to someone special, and what is more valuable than a diamond?
  • Switzerland is not the only nation that employs precision engineering for watchmaking. With intelligent production, Mauritius is building a road to unparalleled heights in watchmaking, with many businesses shifting to the industry.
  • Light engineering and metal fabrication – As private consumption rises, light engineering can be used to create customer-focused products. For the development of industries, the creation of machinery, parts, and assemblies from raw materials is in demand.
  • Food processing, particularly seafood, is prominent in Mauritius due to the abundance of fish.

Easy Steps for Global Investors in Mauritius

Fill Business Visa Requirements

A Mauritian Business Visa allows a maximum stay of 120 days per calendar year. Nonetheless, the visa holder’s stay during any visit cannot exceed 90 days. The visa also requires a verified ticket for the trip back (or to another destination).

A Business Visa applicant must present an endorsement letter from a local business or a Mauritian sponsor. The applicant’s passport must be valid for six months beyond the 90-day maximum stay permitted in Mauritius. The visa applicant must have adequate finances to cover the expense of their stay (at least $100 per day). There are no visa application fees, and the standard processing period is five business days.

Investing in a Mauritius-for-sale property is an additional investment option for a residence permit.

Incorporate Within Three Days

Even shorter, the formal procedure for establishing a corporation in Mauritius takes only around three working days. This efficiency is reflected in the World Bank’s assessment of Mauritius as the most business-friendly nation in Africa.

To invest in Mauritius and register a local company, one needs merely apply to the Registrar of Companies in Port Louis. Upon establishment, the Mauritius Revenue Authority automatically registers a business as an employer.

The Business Registration Number (BRN) is issued by the Companies and Business Registration Department of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to any individual conducting business in Mauritius. The BRN is intended for use on company invoicing.

It is worth noting that each business is constructed based on its structure, category, nature, and kind. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the type of firm in which you intend to invest in Mauritius. A corporation registered in Mauritius can be owned 100% by foreigners with no minimum capital requirement. However, a self-employed individual who wishes to create a business must register his commercial activity solely.

Considering the Possibilities

While conducting background studies is essential, undertaking such could be time-consuming. Nonetheless, there are numerous potential investment opportunities in Mauritius, specifically now that the nation has launched an investment and restoration plan—thus, you’ll have many options for choosing.

These opportunities were outlined in the 2020-2021 budget for Mauritius. It stated, among other things, that the nation is creating the ideal ecosystem for businesspeople from here and abroad to realize their visions.

Thus, brainstorm the most lucrative and feasible deal and go with it. The only way of knowing if you’ve purchased a lucrative venture is by trying.

Questions & Answers

Business Opportunities for Sale in Mauritius

  1. Agriculture
  2. Economics and FinTech
  3. ICT Industry
  4. Logistics
  5. Hotel Industry
Business Opportunities for Sale in Mauritius

Finally, Mauritius has a welcoming and business-friendly environment. The country has a stable political climate, a transparent legal system, and a skilled workforce, which make it an attractive destination for investors from around the world. The government also offers various incentives for investors, such as streamlined procedures for obtaining permits and licenses.

In conclusion, investing in Mauritius can be a smart move for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business. With its favorable tax system, strategic location, diverse investment opportunities, and business-friendly environment, Mauritius has everything you need to succeed in the global marketplace.

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