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How to get Mauritius citizenship in 2022?

People have been immigrating to Mauritius in recent years for different reasons. Some of which include work, tourism, or investment. If your main aim is to become a Mauritius citizen, there are several ways to go about it. You require more documents and efforts if you were not born in Mauritius or none of your parents are Mauritian.

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Living in Mauritius alone is advantageous in many ways, but you gain access to privileged benefits as a citizen. If you have a resident permit, Mauritian visa, or citizenship, you have numerous lucrative employment and investment opportunities.

The immigrant salaries in Mauritius are relatively high if you compare to other African nations.

Education is also accessible for most income earners since numerous private and public schools are available. To top it all, Mauritius people are welcoming and friendly.

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How Do You Become a Mauritian Citizen?

Numerous nations recognize superiority of Mauritian citizenship around the world. Fortunately, there are different ways to acquire Mauritian citizenship, including investment options and a permanent residency program.

In summary, you can become a Mauritian citizen through the following ways:

  • By descent- If a child is born abroad and both or one of the parents are Mauritian citizens, they can register to become Mauritian citizens.
  • Citizenship by birth- Each child born in Mauritius, regardless of the parents’ nationality, automatically becomes a Mauritian citizen.
  • Citizenship by naturalization- If you’ve been living in Mauritius legally for a particular period, you can apply for citizenship based on naturalization.
  • By marriage- people married to Mauritius citizens can apply for citizenship if they’ve lived together for four or more years. Please note that the country doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

Dual citizenship

Is dual citizenship allowed in Mauritius? Yes! Each Mauritian citizen is allowed dual citizenship. However, you should ensure your country of origin allows dual citizenship. For example, India doesn’t allow its citizens to have dual citizenship. If you’re an Indian citizen and decide to acquire Mauritian citizenship, you cease becoming a citizen of India.

The persons qualifying as Mauritian citizens include

Citizenship by Birth

  • If you were born in Mauritius to foreign or local parents
  • If you’re born in Mauritius, and either of your parents is a citizen of the nation.

By descent- If either of your parents is a Mauritius citizen and you were born outside the nation, you’re a Mauritian citizen as per sections 20 (3) and 23 of the constitution.

Citizenship by adoption

As per the Mauritius Citizenship Act Section 3, a minor that isn’t a Mauritian citizen is eligible for citizenship if:

  1. A Mauritian citizen has adopted them, but in case it’s a joint adoption, the male adopter has to be a citizen of Mauritius
  2. The adoption has been effected legally in Mauritius

The adopting parties must produce the following original documents, including two copies of each:

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Acceptance letter from biological parents
  • Birth certificates of the adopter(s)
  • An official adoption order
  • Adopters’ certificate of foreign national where necessary

Once the minister approves the application, he will issue a certificate of nationality effective from the adoption date.

Registration of citizens of the Commonwealth

As per the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 5, commonwealth citizens are eligible to register as Mauritian citizens if they reside in the country for at least five years. The foreign affairs minister will approve their citizenship as long as they are of age and capacity. Other characteristics that the commonwealth citizens need to satisfy include the following:

  • Being of perfect character
  • Having adequate knowledge of the English language or any other Mauritian language
  • If the foreign affairs were to consider a shorter period of residence, it must be more than 12 months
  • Must prove the intention to continue living in Mauritius after registration

Download Application Registration of citizens of the Commonwealth

Registration of minor children

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 6, minor children of Mauritian citizens can register as citizens of the nation. The parents need to submit their applications to the Home Affairs Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister.

The parents can visit Prime Minister’s Office to collect the application form or download it online. They must fill-in all the details, and in the presence of an advocate, sign the declaration part before submitting.

They will submit this form with the necessary documents and a non-refundable fee of RS.2000. After reviewing the documents and approval, the applicant will have to pay a registration fee amounting to RS 20,000. They only need to wait for a written notification that the registration certificate is ready.

Download Application Registration of minor children

Registration of foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 7, foreign spouses to Mauritian citizens can register as citizens if they have resided with their spouse for at least four years, and there should be conjugal proof.

Download Application Registration of foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens

Naturalization of a foreigner or a British-protected person

Under the Mauritian Citizenship Act section 9, non-commonwealth citizens can become Mauritian citizens if they have been in Mauritius for:

  • 12 months after the application date; and
  • During the seven years immediately following 12 months after the application for citizenship

Download Application Naturalization of a foreigner or a British-protected person

Naturalization for investors

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 9(3), investors can become Mauritian citizens through naturalization if:

  • They have invested a minimum of $375,000 in the nation, and
  • They have been in Mauritius for at least two years following the date when they applied for citizenship

Read more under Mauritian citizenship by investment

Getting Mauritius Citizenship Through the Permanent Residency Program

After fulfilling different investment requirements, foreign nationals are eligible for the permanent residence program in Mauritius. The residency program is among the channels the Mauritian government uses to encourage foreigners to develop and invest in the nation’s economy.

If a foreign investor invests at least $375,000, they can be get permanent residence in Mauritius. They won’t need to obtain a residence or work permit once they receive permanent residence. Their children and spouse will also be eligible to get a permanent residence with the help of the applicant.

For children above 18 years, the applicant must deposit $100,000 via bank transfer to the national Accountant General. The investment amount cannot bear interest. However, it is worth it since you can easily acquire Mauritius citizenship. 

The MEDIA (Mauritius Export Development and Investment Authority) is responsible for permanent residence applications. After applying for permanent residence, you’ll require approval of each investment depending on whether your business activity qualifies.

Renunciation of Mauritian citizenship

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 14(1), Mauritian citizens who are also nationals of foreign nations can renounce their Mauritian citizenship. The Minister will ensure that the renunciation is registered, and the person will cease to be a Mauritian citizen from the registration date.

Download Application Form Renunciation of Mauritian citizenship

Reinstatement of Mauritian citizenship after renunciation under section 14 of the Mauritian citizenship act

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 14(2), if you’re of full capacity and age and you renounced your citizenship under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 14(1), you can resume your citizenship and become a Mauritian citizen, provided you can fulfill these conditions;

  1. Your marriage has been dissolved, your spouse has died, or your spouse has abandoned you
  2. You intend to reside in Mauritius

Resumption of Mauritian citizenship under section 15 of the Mauritian citizenship act. You can resume your Mauritian citizenship under the Mauritian Citizenship Act section 15 (1) if:

  1. You were a Mauritian citizen and a nationality in a foreign nation,
  2. You ceased to be a Mauritian citizen after failing to renounce your citizenship or nationality of the foreign country under the Mauritian Citizenship Act section 15; and
  3. You reached 21 years of age after or on 12th March 1968 and before 1st October 1995.

Download Application form for the resumption of the citi​zenship of Mauritius under section 14(2)

Resumption of Mauritian citizenship for persons who are not habitually resident in Mauritius.

Under the Mauritius Citizenship Act section 15(2), people who;

  1. Were Mauritian citizens and also nationals of another foreign nation; and
  2. Ceased to become Mauritian citizens for failing to renounce their foreign nationality under the Mauritian Citizenship Act Section 15,

Applicants may apply for their Mauritian citizenship for reinstatement. The minister will grant such reinstatement of citizenships based on his discretion.

Download Factsheet For Resumption Of Mauritian Citizenship For People Ordinarily Resident In Mauritius

Download Application for the resumption of the ci​tizenship of Mauri​​tius und​er section 15(2) For persons who are not ordinarily resident in Mauritius

The Immigration Policies in Mauritius

Before you even dream of becoming a Mauritian citizen or acquiring a Mauritian passport, prepare the necessary travel documents. The main one is a valid visa unless there is an exemptiom under the residency program or immigration laws.

The immigration office must review the visa applicants to provide approval to enter and stay for whatever reason. Exemptions and eligibility also depend on your country of origin, among other reasons. 

Apart from a visa, everyone traveling to Mauritius should produce a passport. The expiration period should be more than six months.

Some of the responsibilities of the passport and immigration office include:

  • Managing border control in all points of arrivals
  • Enforcing immigration rules
  • Issuing travel documents such as a passport
  • Processing visa applications for non-citizens
  • Issuing occupation and residence permits to those who want to work, invest or acquire permanent resident in Mauritius
on the left, an icon man with a green hook on the side, on the right it says "chitizen mauritius" and below it you can see the colorful mauritius flag.

Mauritius Visa

A visa is an official acknowledgment indicating that a person’s application to visit Mauritius has been approved. Immigration officers will carry out a review of the documents before approval. However, a visa is usually limited to a particular purpose and period. Extensions of visas are normally free.

FAQs on Mauritius VISA and citizenship

What is a visa?

This is an official acknowledgment that indicates that your application to enter Mauritius has been dully reviewed and approved by an immigration officer for a specific purpose and a particular period. Visas and extensions of the same are provided free of charge.

Who needs a visa for Mauritius?

Visa required prior to travel

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Guyana
  4. Iraq
  5. Korea (North)
  6. Laos
  7. Libya
  8. Mali
  9. Pakistan
  10. Palestinian State
  11. Saharawi Republic
  12. Somalia
  13. Sudan
  14. South Sudan
  15. Syria
  16. Yemen

Visa for two weeks on arrival

  1. Algeria
  2. Comoros
  3. Iran
  4. Madagascar
  5. Myanmar (Burma)
  6. Nigeria

Visa for sixty days on arrival

  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Armenia
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Belarus
  6. Bhutan
  7. Bolivia
  8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  9. Burkina Faso
  10. Cambodia
  11. Cameroon
  12. Colombia
  13. Central African Rep.
  14. Costa Rica
  15. Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  16. Cuba
  17. Djibouti
  18. Dominican Republic
  19. Ecuador
  20. El Salvador
  21. Equatorial Guinea
  22. Eritrea
  23. Ethiopia
  24. Guinea
  25. Guinea Bissau
  26. Guatemala
  27. Haiti
  28. Honduras
  29. Indonesia
  30. Jordan
  31. Kazakhstan
  32. Kyrgyzstan Rep.
  33. Lebanon
  34. Liberia
  35. Macedonia (ex Yugoslav Rep.)
  36. Mauritania
  37. Marshall Island
  38. Micronesia
  39. Moldova
  40. Mongolia
  41. Morocco
  42. Nepal
  43. Nicaragua
  44. Niger
  45. Palau
  46. Panama
  47. Peru
  48. Philippines
  49. Sao Tome & Principe
  50. Senegal
  51. Serbia
  52. Sri Lanka
  53. Tajikistan
  54. Taiwan
  55. Thailand
  56. Timor Leste
  57. Togo
  58. Turkmenistan
  59. Uzbekistan
  60. Uruguay
  61. Venezuela
  62. Vietnam
  63. Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)

Who don't need a visa for Mauritius?

Some people do not need a visa to enter Mauritius if they are:

  1. Mauritian citizens
  2. Mauritius residents as per the migration act
  3. Married to a Mauritian citizen
  4. Children or stepchildren or adopted children of a citizen or a person married to a citizen of the country
  5. They hold diplomatic passports except those issued in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya
  6. Or they hold a laissez-passer, from
    • African Reinsurance Corporation and the African Development Bank Group in Respect of their directors, officers or employees travelling to Mauritius on official mission
    • United Nations, COMESA, SADC or other internationally recognized organizations
  7. They are just traveling in a vessel either to join another vessel there or to stay with the vessel until it departs
  8. Holders of passport belonging to the European Union
  9. Holder of a passport issued by INTERPOL

What visa Mauritus use?

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Social Visa
  4. Multiple Entry Visa
  5. Transit visa
  6. Medical Visa

How to get Mauritius citizenship in 2022?

  1. Citizenship by birth and descent
  2. By Adoption
  3. Registration of citizens of the Commonwealth
  4. Registration of minor children
  5. Registration of foreign spouses of Mauritian citizens
  6. Naturalization of a foreigner or a British-protected person
  7. Naturalization for investors
  8. Renunciation of Mauritian citizenship
  9. Reinstatement of Mauritian citizenship after renunciation under section 14 of the Mauritian citizenship act
  10. Resumption of Mauritian citizenship under section 15 of the Mauritian citizenship act
  11. Resumption of Mauritian citizenship for persons who are not habitually resident in Mauritius.

What happens if you overstay your visa or permit in Mauritius?

This is considered an offense, and you should expect to be prosecuted by the court of law.

Can I use my tourist visa as a work visa in Mauritius?

No, there are no such residency programs. You need to apply for a work and residence permit or occupation permit to work or even make an investment in Mauritius.

What should you do to study in Mauritius?

Prospective students need to apply for study or training visas and only travel when it is approved.

Can you buy citizenship in Mauritius?

There is the naturalization for investors, from 375000 USD it starts.

Mauritius to sell citizenship and passports

Can you lose your Mauritius citizenship?

You can lose your citizenship by voluntarily renouncing it under the immigration law. You only need to visit the Mauritius embassy and carry out all the paperwork.

At the moment, there is no involuntary policy or immigration regulation that can involuntarily renounce your citizenship in the country.

The new set of discretionary powers of the Prime Minister (Page 239) (f) in section 11 of the Mauritius Citizenship Act 2022. Under this law, the Prime Minister can revoke the citizenship of a foreigner married to a Mauritian woman or a foreign woman married to a Mauritian man without giving any reason.

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