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Is Mauritius Safe? What You Need to Know

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What is the Current Situation in Mauritius?

Is Mauritius safe to visit? Yes! However, there are instances of petty crime. Nonetheless, the crime rate in Mauritius is low. To be completely safe, even from petty crime, you should take certain safety precautions. Take care of your personal belongings, and never leave your valuables lying around. Also, lock all windows and doors, especially when residing in self-catering accommodation.

The hotels in Mauritius can also shed light on Mauritius’ security. Focus on getting a place you can access local food and medical treatment— basic standard, and you are good to go. As you go out at night, you should also consider using a taxi.

What other countries have to say

Before traveling to any nation, including Mauritius, you need to check the entry requirements and restrictions. They usually change from time to time, which means you should be up to date when it comes to such information. Keep track of this advice and also stay in touch with your travel provider. Many visitors travel to Mauritius annually, from Britain, the United States, and South Africa, among others. The majority of travellers are normally trouble-free.

What Are the Major Safety Concerns When Visiting Mauritius?

Similar to other parts of the world, there are safety concerns you should be conversant with as you visit Mauritius. The major safety concerns you should be worried about as visitors include the following:

Crime: When it comes to theft in Mauritius, petty crime is usually common. You need to take care of your valuables when you visit Mauritius, especially in the popular tourist areas such as Part Louis and Grand Baie. If the hotel you check into has a safe, you should use it. Also, keep copies of travel documents such as a passport separately.

There are burglary reports in villas where tourists reside. Nonetheless, such cases aren’t common. Regardless, you need to ensure your hotel room or accommodation is secure. To be safe, only rent accommodation that has been registered under the Mauritius Tourism Authority. Also, read the security and safety measures that have been outlined by the accommodation you’ve rented.

Are violent crimes common in Mauritius? No! Most of the incidences of crime are non-violent. However, there are instances when weapons are used in a burglary. Despite being uncommon, it is better to stay safe, which means you should avoid walking alone at night in poorly-lit areas and beaches.

Areas to avoid and at what time

In general, there are no major danger zones in Mauritius. Some of the areas to avoid are Downtown Port Louis since there are robbery reports, especially at ATMs, which means you should be careful when making a withdrawal. As a tourist, you’ll be safe as long as you’re walking along a beachfront that is well-lit.

If you’re worried about terrorism in Mauritius, there is no cause for alarm. Drug use in Mauritius also isn’t common. A fun and safe destination that we can recommend is Grandbae. However, personal safety is your responsibility —stay vigilant to avoid petty crimes.

What Kinds of Crime Occur in Mauritius, and How Can You Avoid Them?

The crime rate in Mauritius is very low. Most common crimes in Mauritius are in the form of petty crimes, and they’re non-violent. Downtown Port Louis and other central tourist areas are the regions with a slightly high crime rate. But it is safe to travel to Mauritius despite instances of petty crime.

The pickpockets usually love markets since their targets are distracted. So, as you walk around in the market, you should ensure your bags are zipped up and close. There are simple and normal safety precautions.

Some crime prevention tips for tourists include avoiding walking alone after it gets dark. You should also lock your valuables in the hotel room or somewhere safe. When residing at the beachside bungalows, you also need to be cautious. Remain vigilant and exercise caution to avoid being a victim of crime.

Political Safety & Social Unrest in Mauritius

Mauritius has experienced social and political stability for a long. Political violence and social unrest are uncommon in Mauritius. The elections are also free and fair, and they’re normally held after every five years. The recent elections took place in November 2019. There wasn’t any incident during these elections, and this is a good indicator of the political safety in Mauritius.

The crime rates are low, but petty crimes tend to take place in some areas. To avoid being a victim of petty crime, you need to always keep track of your belongings. All visitors can face purse-snatching and pickpocketing, especially in tourist and crowded areas. As a visitor, you should avoid walking alone on isolated beaches at night.

Additionally, you should avoid taking part in demonstrations. When we talk of safe areas in Mauritius, we could be talking of almost every city in the country. It is one of the main reasons why tourists flock to most areas without fear of attack or robbery.

Social unrest in Mauritius’ history

In Mauritian history, there have been incidents of social unrest. For starters, let’s talk of the 1968 Mauritian riots, which involved violent clashes that took place in Port Louis neighborhoods, namely; Roche Bois, Bell Village, Plaine Verte, and St. Coixe Cite Martial.

The riots went on for ten days, and this was six weeks before the country gained independence. The riots were the result of communal conflicts between Indo-Mauritian Muslims and Creoles. The roots of the riot came from gang warfare, and there were concerns arising from the nation’s future after independence.

Political tension was high during this period because there was uncertainty about the nation’s political situation after independence. Half of the nation was against independence because of concerns about losing out to the new government. The tension was quite high.

After the British authorities declared a state of emergency which lasted for ten days, the order came back. To restore order, the British deployed at least 150 troops and three helicopters. The violence was contained in the urban areas in Port Louis, and it didn’t spread to other parts of the nation. However, we don’t experience such unrest today in Mauritius — the nation is focused on ensuring a safe environment for all.

Is Mauritius Safe from Natural Disasters & Climate Change?

Mauritius is exposed to different natural disasters because of its geographical location, which is a tropical cyclone basin that’s active. Here are some impacts of climate in Mauritius.

Cyclone Season

Cyclone season in Mauritius happens about five months every year, starting in mid November and it ends in mid May. Cyclones usually cause extensive damage to property. Fortunately, the authorities have a system that is well-structured to issue warnings on time. Climate change in Mauritius is an aspect that the government takes seriously to protect everyone as much as they can. You should adhere to the local advice and also follow these safety tips:

  • Get in touch with your local contact or tour operator
  • Monitor online news and local tv and radio
  • Keep in mind that hotels and airports usually shut down when a large hurricane is approaching
  • Register with the embassy, high commission, or consulate


In Mauritius, the tsunami hazard has been classified as a medium, as per the information that is available at the moment. It means that there is a slight chance of a potentially-damaging tsunami occurring in the next five decades.


Mauritius isn’t susceptible to earthquakes; however, the risk exists, so it is advisable to always be prepared.

Torrential Rain

Mauritius faces the issue of water accumulation when the rainy season kicks in. According to a recent analysis, the nation has at least 306 areas that are prone to floods and at least 50 that are at high risk. In the past decade, the nation has been experiencing torrential rainfall, and the risk of flooding is imminent.

Meteo Weather App Mauritius download

Since Mauritius is prone to different weather disasters, you can always stay updated about the nation’s weather forecast. Start by downloading the Meteo Weather App. The app usually ensures you have access to real-time information on major calamities and incidents in Mauritius.

How to Stay Safe While Visiting Mauritian Attractions?

As a tourist, some of the attraction safety tips to consider include:

Beware of Pickpockets

Mauritius is a developing nation. As a result, petty crime and pickpocketing are some of the challenges present in the nation. In this case, avoid displaying valuable goods and don’t carry expensive items with you, such as jewelry and watches, as you travel. When in the market or other public places, you should be careful.

Be Careful When Snorkeling, Diving, or Swimming

The currents usually change from time to time without warning. It is advisable to partake in such activities when under supervision, which applies to diving and snorkeling. Since dangerous animals lurking underwater, such as sea urchins, you should always wear flip-flops.

Be aware of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a global problem in recent years. Therefore, when visiting Mauritius, don’t visit any site, especially by clicking on online links sent to you. These links could be phishing. Also, if you are accessing your bank apps or websites, avoid using public Wi-Fi or better use a VPN to hide your IP address. Finally, clear cookies when you access sensitive information, especially when using other people’s devices.

Avoid Certain Beaches and Neighborhoods at Night

Avoid deserted and lonely beaches during the night. Travellers should not visit the poor residential areas at night because that’s where pickpocketing happens most. When touring Mauritius, it is advisable to do so in the company of a local guide.

Medical Safety & Vaccines Requirements when Visiting Mauritius

Medical safety in Mauritius is a serious agenda, and the government is doing everything to provide the best health standards. As a result, there are CDC travel vaccines for Mauritius that you need, including tetanus. Because of COVID-19, boosters or courses are advisable. The medical facilities on the island of Mauritius are quite sufficient for public and private health centers. The health ministry advises tourists to consider other vaccines such as typhoid, hepatitis B, and hepatitis A. For Mauritius, there is no need for the yellow fever vaccine.

Are There Any Tips & Tricks to Stay Safe While traveling or living in Mauritius?

To stay safe in Mauritius, you must be aware of your surroundings. When in a taxi or bus, you should watch your belongings. Most people believe that tourists have money, and some might decide to take advantage of their ignorance.

Some tourist scams to avoid include digging deeper in your pockets for cheap goods and services. Ask your reliable local guide for prices of different items. One of the major safety tips for traveling to Mauritius is to avoid flaunting as a tourist. Your safety begins with you anywhere you go in the world.

While it is not a requirement to have medical travel insurance in Mauritius, it is important to have it. It helps cover treatment charges in an emergency case and costs associated with trip cancellation or flight delays.

Driving in Mauritius

All road safety aspects are under strong management for better road safety outcomes. Watch out for all national road safety measures, including speed limits, to avoid hefty fines.

Staying safe on the island of Mauritius is almost a guarantee as long you stay vigilant and hungry for reliable information.

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