Mauritius Visa: Different Types of Visas and Application Procedure

This article provides an overview of the different types of visas available in Mauritius and the application procedures:

  1. Visa on Arrival in Mauritius: Who’s Entitled?l
  2. Visa Requirements Visas are essential for entering Mauritius, with the application process involving the Mauritian embassies and consulates worldwide.
  3. Types of Visas
    • Premium Visa: For long-term residence and work, renewable annually.
    • Tourist Visa: For short-term stays up to 180 days per year, not for business activities.
    • Transit Visa: For transit stays up to three days.
    • Business Visa: For business-related visits, allowing stays up to 120 days per year.
    • Social Visa: For participation in religious and social activities, valid for 45 days.
    • Medical Visa: For medical treatment, valid for up to six months.
    • Student Visa: For the duration of an academic course, with part-time work allowance.
    • Wedding Visa: For those planning to get married in Mauritius.
  4. Visa Extensions: Visas can be extended by contacting the Passport & Immigration Office in Mauritius.
  5. Application Process

Mauritius is an alluring destination that captivates visitors with its natural beauty. However, the country offers more than just picturesque landscapes to foreign nationals. It has established itself as one of the prominent international business hubs due to a wide range of advantages such as tax incentives, flexible business regulations, a supportive government, as well as political and economic stability.

Nevertheless, whether you intend to visit Mauritius for academic pursuits, business ventures or leisure purposes, a visa is prerequisite. A visa is an official document that endorses your eligibility to enter a particular country, and can be obtained by applying to the relevant embassy or immigration officer.

The Mauritian embassies and consulates are present worldwide to issue various types of visas to foreign nationals as per their requirements.

Mauritius Visa on arrival

Passport holders from selected countries can apply for a visa upon arrival in Mauritius.

Visa on Arrival in Mauritius: Who’s Entitled?

Mauritius Visa countries

Visa required prior to travel

Visa for two weeks on arrival

Visa for sixty days on arrival

Mauritius Visa requirements

Here you will find more detailed information for Vias requirements incl the official government site.

Application Process

Mauritius Diplomatic Missions Overseas

If you require a visa for entering Mauritius, reach out to your nearest embassy or consular office for further instructions. You can find a comprehensive list of representative bodies handling Mauritius visa matters here:

  • Embassies & High Commissions abroad representing Mauritius
  • Consulates around the world authorized to process Mauritius visa requests

Always remember to cross-reference the most recent directives provided by these institutions, considering evolving circumstances surrounding global mobility protocols. By proactively engaging with competent authorities responsible for processing Mauritius visas, you stand a higher chance of navigating bureaucracy smoothly and efficiently.

In the absence of the below offices, applications should be sent by e-mail to [email protected].

Mauritius Visa apply online

How to apply official Government website and here download the application for a Visa

Mauritius Visa extensions

The duration of stay granted upon arrival is subject to the period mentioned on your air ticket or according to your funds. Sometimes you may be granted up to three months stay on arrival. Extensions may be applied for after arrival by contacting the Passport & Immigration Office. (Google Map Direction) The maximum stay in one calender year is six months.

Passport & Immigration Office – Main Office

Passport & Immigration Office
Sterling House,
9-11, Lislet Geoffroy Street,
Port Louis
Tel : (230) 260-2073
Fax : (230) 210-9322
Email : [email protected]
HOTLINE : (230) 5727-6619

Types of Visas in Mauritius

The visa policy in Mauritius is quite liberal in comparison to other countries, as it exempts certain nationals from requiring a visa to enter the country. This exemption, however, varies based on the country of residence of the applicant. For all other countries, it is essential to obtain a visa to enter Mauritius. Let us delve deeper into the different types of Mauritian Visas as discussed:

Premium Visa

Introduced in 2020, the Premium Visa allows individuals to reside and work in Mauritius for at least six months to one year, and can be renewed after one year if required. Essentially, foreigners can reside in Mauritius for a more extended period under this visa type. The key advantage of the Premium Visa is its flexibility since it allows visitors to retire in the country, work, and relocate with family members. Application submission for the Premium Visa is free of charge and can be done online. Typically, the approval process takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Tourist Visa

Mauritius has a significant reliance on the tourism industry, hence why its visa policy is very accommodating towards tourists. Travelers seeking sightseeing, tourism, and visiting friends and family residing in the country can apply for a Tourist Visa which is valid for short-term stays of up to 180 days every year. It is crucial to note that tourist visas do not authorize engagement in any business activities while in Mauritius. This visa application process takes up to one week, and extensions are free of charge.

Transit Visa

As per the Mauritian visa policy, an individual in transit from Mauritius requires a Transit Visa, which is valid for not more than three days. To apply for the Transit Visa, you must hold flight tickets to the next destination and a valid passport with an expiry date of more than six months. Additionally, the rules and regulations concerning the final destination country may vary.

Business Visa

Entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals seeking to work, live, and invest in Mauritius can benefit from the Business Visa. Foreigners can apply for this visa upon their arrival in the country. Business Visa holders are eligible to stay in Mauritius for up to 120 days per year, but on their first arrival, the maximum stay duration is 90 days.

To obtain a Business Visa in Mauritius, visa-exempt passport holders must present a letter from a local company or sponsor in Mauritius, explaining their reason for traveling to the country. Passport holders from visa-restricted countries should apply for a Business Visa at a Mauritian embassy in their nation of residence.

It’s crucial to note that while holding a Business Visa, one can attend meetings, seminars, training, and conferences, but it does not permit remuneration while staying in Mauritius. Also, the Business Visa can be either a Single or Multiple Entry Visa.

Social Visa

Non-citizens sponsored by socio-cultural organizations in Mauritius are eligible for the Social Visa, which permits participation in religious and social activities while in the country. Before traveling to Mauritius, you must apply and get approval of the Social Visa. The maximum stay duration under this Visa is 45 days.

Medical Visa

Non-citizens traveling to Mauritius for medical treatment can apply for a Medical Visa upon arriving in the country. The Medical Visa is valid for up to six months, and the treatment must be received from a legally registered private hospital in the country.

Student Visa

Mauritius also attracts international students who seek to study in the country under its student visa policy. With a Student Visa, a foreign student can reside in Mauritius for the entire academic course duration until completion. Also, the Student Visa permits students to work part-time, enabling them to manage their tuition fees efficiently. More information on the government’s Student Visa website.

Wedding Visa

The Wedding Visa is valid for a long period and requires approval before the wedding date. Applicants must prove a relationship exists before the wedding and that it is a civil union. More information on the government’s wedding visa website.

Mauritius Visa Information

Mauritius Visa Questions & Answers

Who is Eligible for the Premium Visa?

The Mauritius premium visa targets the following individuals:

  1. Investors or professionals that want to carry out work or business remotely in Mauritius in the company of their family
  2. Repeat tourists that plan to migrate or retire to Mauritius
  3. Visitors that have children undertaking their studies in Mauritius
  4. Residents with an occupational permit who want to invite their family members to Mauritius for an extended stay.

How to Qualify for the Premium Visa?

To qualify, you need to showcase proof of the following:

  1. Sufficient health and travel insurance
  2. Your long-stay plan
  3. Enough funds to cover your daily expenses during your stay

What is the cost of the Mauritian Visa?

Fortunately, it won’t cost anything to apply for a Mauritian Visa.

How to Apply for a Visa When Visiting Mauritius?

After applying for a visa, you must wait at least five business days to process the application. The immigration team will issue you a visa if you have presented all the relevant documents; otherwise, they can deny it. If denied, you can still reapply with the requested documents.

How Do You Apply for an eVisa in Mauritius?

Are you from a country that requires a visa to enter Mauritius? Then you can apply for the e-Visa online before traveling. Ensure you’ve applied for the visa at least seven days before the traveling date.

Create an account, and then wait for a confirmation code in your email address. You’ll then key in the traveling information, such as the departure dates, visa type, and arrival. Among the documents needed for the visa applicated is a scanned copy of your passport.

How Do You Apply for a Visa at the Consulate or Embassy?

The application process depends on the country’s consulate and embassy where you will submit the visa application. However, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • First, you should get in touch with the consulate or embassy close to you and set up an appointment
  • Complete the visa application form, and you can obtain it from the consulate or embassy offices
  • Gather all required documents, pay the visa fee, and submit the applications and documents at the consulate or embassy. Some of the offices may require a person to submit everything in person. In other offices, you can submit the documents through mail.

The documents you need during the visa application process include the following:

  • A valid passport for not less than six months from the period you enter Mauritius
  • Proof of a flight ticket to enter Mauritius should be valid
  • Bank statements proving your financial status for the period you’ll be in Mauritius
  • Enough blank pages in your passport to allow stamping of the visa

How Do You Obtain a Business Visa in Mauritius?

In Mauritius, you can only get a business visa after arrival at the airport. The immigration team issues these visas to passport holders that are visa-exempt only. A traveler must present a letter from a local company or sponsor in Mauritius to obtain a business visa. Also, you need to explain your purpose for traveling to Mauritius.

Passport holders from visa-restricted countries should apply for a business visa at a Mauritian embassy in their nation of residence.

Can You Work in Mauritius If You Have a Business Visa?

The business visa doesn’t allow remuneration while staying in Mauritius. Attending seminars, meetings, training, and conferences are some activities you can do if you have a business visa. Note that the Business Visa can be a Single or Multiple Entry Visa.

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