Clearwater Project: Seychelles’ Fresh Spring Wave

Seychelles, a bewitching assemblage of isles scattered in the Indian Ocean, elicits worldwide acclaim for its immaculate coastlines and glass-like seas. Amid this spectacular panorama, an enterprising venture named the Clearwater Project, steered by Mrs. Murielle Ansombe Confait, is causing ripples in the spheres of green manufacturing and water dissemination. This audacious endeavor proposes to gather, encapsulate, and circulate the quintessentially pure Natural Spring water, originating directly from Seychelles’ vibrant core.

Fiscal and Capital Exigencies

The Clearwater Project nudges prospective patrons to synergize in their quest to advocate for uncontaminated and natural hydration, given an approximate total investment projection falling within the bracket of US$1 million to US$2 million. The capital requisites for engagement in this mission are in tune with the overall fiscal parameters, inciting both local and international contributors to extend their support for this crucial cause.

Primary Undertaking: Crafting Natural Spring Water

The heart of the Clearwater Project’s enterprise lies in the diligent accumulation, encapsulation, and circulation of Natural Spring water. With a pristine fountainhead situated amidst the scenic expanse of Roche Bois, Mahe, the project anticipates providing consumers an invigorating journey unmatched by others. The unrivaled purity of this water, intensified by Seychelles’ captivating landscape, endows a singular charm expected to reverberate with wellness-oriented individuals and environmentally aware consumers.

Location of Endeavor: Roche Bois, Mahe

Roche Bois, secluded within the main landmass of Mahe, serves as an optimal hub for the Clearwater Project. This judicious decision guarantees closeness to the Natural Spring water source, reducing logistical complexities while augmenting the efficacy of the encapsulation and dissemination system. Additionally, Seychelles’ reputation as a coveted tourist hotspot ignites the prospect of export opportunities, with visitors often yearning to carry a fragment of the islands’ unspoiled essence back to their homes.

Investment Schema: Partnership through Majority Stake Holdings

The Clearwater Project embraces a partnership model featuring majority stake holdings, beckoning investors to partake actively in moulding the future of sustainable water stewardship. Encouraging openness, cooperation, and collective proprietorship, the project aspires to foster a robust nexus of synergistic individuals and bodies committed to the conservation of Seychelles’ natural bounty while catalyzing economic prosperity.

The Future’s Green Promise

The vision of the Clearwater Project transcends mere entrepreneurial gain. It embodies Seychelles’ devotion to environmental conservation and accountable commerce practices. By endorsing the intake of local Natural Spring water, the project aids in curtailing plastic refuse birthed from single-use bottles, thereby amplifying Seychelles’ status as a habitat for eco-conscious travel.


The Clearwater Project in Seychelles offers a unique prospect for investors eager to partake in an eco-friendly manufacturing initiative, while aiding in the safeguarding of Seychelles’ unblemished environment. With Mrs. Murielle Ansombe Confait steering the project, complemented by a devoted cadre and Seychelles’ captivating allure, the project holds the prospect of satisfying not just the thirst for uncontaminated water but also the yearning for a more verdant and radiant tomorrow. In unison, they stand ready to encapsulate nature’s ambrosia and disseminate it across the globe.


What is the main goal of the Clearwater Project in Seychelles?

The main goal of the Clearwater Project in Seychelles is to gather, encapsulate, and circulate Natural Spring water directly from the heart of Seychelles. This project is also aimed at promoting environmental conservation and sustainable water stewardship.

Who is leading the Clearwater Project and where is it located?

The Clearwater Project is led by Mrs. Murielle Ansombe Confait and it’s located at Roche Bois, Mahe, which is within the main landmass of Seychelles.

What is the estimated investment needed for the Clearwater Project?

The approximate total investment projection for the Clearwater Project falls within the range of US$1 million to US$2 million. This includes both local and international contributors.

How does the Clearwater Project plan to engage with investors?

The Clearwater Project plans to engage with investors through a partnership model that features majority stake holdings. This approach encourages openness, cooperation, and collective proprietorship, allowing investors to actively participate in shaping the future of sustainable water stewardship.

How does the Clearwater Project contribute to environmental conservation?

The Clearwater Project contributes to environmental conservation by endorsing the intake of local Natural Spring water, which helps to reduce plastic waste generated from single-use bottles. This amplifies Seychelles’ status as a habitat for eco-conscious travel.

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