April 4, 2023
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Seychelles Business Opportunities

Despite its tiny size, there are limitless business opportunities in Seychelles. It offers a huge potential for investment and commerce in several areas and market access to COMESA and SADC nations. Thus, foreign investors are welcome to invest in various places, including tourism/hospitality, blue economy/fisheries, agriculture/agro-processing, and offshore financial services.

Tourism sector

The government of Seychelles anticipates a 6,000-bed increase in the tourism sector by the end of 2022. To reach this objective, investments in tourist hotels are necessary. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider the following:

  • In 2015, the government of Seychelles announced a moratorium on significant hotel developments with 25 or more rooms on Mahé and the inner islands, which are the primarily populated islands of Seychelles.
  • 1 to 15-room accommodations (hotel, guesthouse, and self-catering establishments) are dedicated exclusively to Seychellois.
  • The market for eco-lodges and eco-boutique resorts is increasing.

Nevertheless, the government restricted foreign ownership of hotels, guesthouses, residences, self-catering facilities, and motels with 16 to 24 rooms to 80%.

There are numerous investment opportunities, including:

  • Exclusive malls
  • Entertainment centres
  • Specialty restaurants
  • Wellness centers
  • Aquarium
  • Eco tours
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Marinas
  • The adventuring industry (zip-lining, rock climbing, etc.)

Public Relations

If done right, public relations in Seychelles may be a lucrative venture. Your role may include showing clients the most effective strategy to launch a campaign within acceptable parameters.

You could also consider being a PR consultant. Thus, depending on the target population, you’ll advise clients on conducting a campaign using the appropriate platforms, including social media, blogs, and internet radio.


The most recent Global Vegetarian Index ranks Seychelles as the most vegetarian-friendly country in the entire globe. According to a nutritionist from the Ministry of Health, Seychelles raises public awareness regarding a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. For this reason, it is an excellent time to start a career in dietetics.

Export Business

In Seychelles, imports and export are, as expected, a tremendously profitable industry. Given the country’s geographic location and economic diversity, establishing an international trading firm in the metropolis can assist the growth of your business by providing access to superior logistics and transport systems.

Financial Services

With so many business opportunities in Seychelles, financial services such as bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing are slowly increasing in demand. If you have expertise in this field, you can capture a portion of the market, mainly if you target small enterprises and startups, and avoid competing with massive global financial services companies in the area. Since the introduction of VAT, these services are even more in demand, as businesses require assistance with VAT-related computations and accounting reports.

In Seychelles, you can start a bookkeeping business with little capital. However, you must first obtain a company license and possess the required certifications.

Construction Industry

Seychelles emphasizes the development of infrastructure facilities, skyscrapers, and industrial units, among other things.

You can consider entering the construction industry. Establishing a firm in Seychelles offers significant growth opportunities if you have sufficient experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Alternatively, businesses that provide construction materials also have great potential and are among the most significant firms to launch in Seychelles.


Seychelles’ manufacturing sector has expanded and diversified. The government’s goal is to make Seychelles a high-income economy, and hence it is prioritizing the growth of this industry. The country is transitioning to “smart manufacturing,” whereby high-value items are produced with the help of new technologies and automated processing. Here are just a few of the many investment possibilities available to you in this industry:

First, you can invest in drugs and medical equipment. Since the country is a prominent tourist destination, producing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment could be successful. There’s also the opportunity to invest in the jewelry industry to capture the rising tourism industry clients.

Further, with rising private consumption, light engineering can be used to create items geared toward the consumer’s needs.

Additionally, to expand industries, there is a need to produce equipment, parts, and frameworks from raw materials. And lastly, because of the country’s abundant supply of fish, seafood processing is vital.

ICT Business

Broadband expansion, rising internet and mobile penetration, and so on have all contributed to the growth of Seychelles’ ICT and BPO sectors. This opens up a lot of possibilities for financial investment in:

  • BPO Voice Services – Receiving and Making Calls, Providing Technical and Advisory Support
  • Technology services – These include app, web, and software creation and maintenance
  • IT Services – Data Security, Server Hosting, and the Cloud
  • Digital Content- E-commerce, e-learning, e-payment, and mobile gaming

Life Science

The rise of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and hypertension in third-world countries has recognized modern biotechnology as a sector with vast economic potential. This sector’s turnover is worth billions of dollars, making it one of the lucrative business opportunities in Seychelles.

  • Clinical Research – Clinical research groups are welcome to take part in the country’s medical sector, which is still in its infancy.
  • Pre-Clinical Research – Investments in pre-clinical research and pharmaceutical startups developing hospital devices, pharmaceuticals, gene therapy treatments, and diagnostic tools are profitable.
  • Research Laboratories – Seychelles is an island nation with rich biodiversity. This presents a tremendous potential for the advancement of research.


The concierge firms in Seychelles generate approximately 15.4% annual growth. This type of business requires an initial expenditure of between $2,000 and $10,000, with the potential to earn $138,700 in sales and a 20% profit margin.

A personal concierge service is a relatively simple task; some people desire to see a job through to completion but lack time to do it themselves. Even though concierge services are a relatively new business development, various organizations serve many customers in this industry.

Renewable Energy

Seychelles receives an average of more than eight hours of sunlight daily, making solar photovoltaic systems a realistic and profitable investment. Seychelles is an island nation with numerous prospects for advancing marine renewable energy sources in its waters.


Seychelles intends to enhance national raw food production and boost the sector’s prominence to attract more investors. This momentum (supported by technical advancement) is being driven by the newly introduced Comprehensive Agricultural Development Plan, based on the Seychelles National Agricultural Investment Plan, the sector’s strategic framework document.

The increased high-end agricultural operations and product diversification have contributed to rising export earnings, which makes the agribusiness of Mauritius a fantastic opportunity for those with innovative ideas such as:

  • Agriculture based on technology – The government of Seychelles encourages entrepreneurs who can anticipate and solve challenges such as food shortages caused by a growing population.
  • Artificial intelligence can assist farmers with low agricultural productivity predict output and cultivation costs.
  • Bio-farming will aid in resolving issues caused by the harmful influence of agrochemicals on farming, which has led to a decline in the demand for vegetables and fruits.

Undoubtedly, business opportunities in Seychelles are endless, considering its suitable location and economic development status. Note that while this list covers most areas, it is not conclusive. As with most developing countries, almost all sectors can prove lucrative when approached with a meticulously thought-out and well-executed strategy.

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